Dealing with crisis requires clear thinking and strong communications skills. Managing issues requires understanding your opponent, anticipating his moves and building appropriate third-party alliances.

Experience, indeed, is the best teacher. Our crisis communications and issues management experience includes the following:
  • Pharmaceutical pricing in US and Japan
  • Activist resistance to animal research
  • Activist protest against HIV pricing and access
  • Defense of intellectual property in the developing world
  • Defense of breast implants in professional and patient communities and in the media
  • Medical challenges to product ingredients
  • Medical challenges to Rx to OTC switches
  • Product recalls
  • Fatal and other product tamperings
  • Facility closures; large scale layoffs
  • Environmental pollution
  • Labor unrest
  • Acquisitions in Eastern Europe and in environments skeptical of US interests
  • Industrial accidents
  • Information flow and damage control
  • Preparing organizations to deal with imminent media coverage from scandals